How Long Should I Water My Lawn? Find your ET Number!

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A lush lawn is something that most homeowners strive for and when warm weather hits, a challenge arises: keeping that garden green. While we can cool down with a glass of water, our lawns need the same treatment. Grass that cannot grab enough water from the soil can have brown patches and is not only unattractive, but unhealthy. Proper watering techniques are a key component of a healthy lawn.

But keeping the grass healthy can be challenging when you‘re also concerned about saving water. How long should you leave your sprinklers on? What is the least amount of time that you can water your lawn and still have it get the amount it needs? Is there a magic number?

Yes, there is. It differs from day-to-day and you can find it out, right here on

ET, short for EvapoTranspiration, is a measure of water loss from soil through evaporation and moisture loss from plant life through transpiration. It is influenced by air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and wind speed.  With knowledge of ET and recent precipitation, a daily value is calculated for the optimal amount of water the average lawn needs based on the day’s weather conditions within the specific SUEZ geographical service regions.  This is then translated into a recommended amount of time that your lawn should be watered. It’s that easy!

Simply click here to visit our ET page, enter your zip code and you’ll get your number! Not planning on watering today? That’s okay. Sign up for email reminders and we will send you your ET number daily, so you’ll know exactly how long to water your lawn each day! 

Find YOUR Number Now! 

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