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The Past & Future of Rahway’s Water

SUEZ Rahway is a public-private partnership between United Water and the City of Rahway that provides services to about 26,500 people in Rahway.

We perform all of the functions of the city's water department, including operations and maintenance, laboratory testing, construction, billing and collections. Additionally, we provide billing and collection for the city’s sewer department.

In September 1999, SUEZ Water and Rahway formed a 20-year public-private partnership for the municipal water system.

The city of Rahway maintains ownership of the water system, sets water rates and authorizes capital improvement projects. SUEZ Water operates the water treatment and distribution systems, maintains the watershed and manages customer service, and oversees the billing and collection functions.

Working together the city of Rahway and SUEZ Water have enhanced water quality and service to the residents of Rahway.