Protect, Clean and Improve Narragansett Bay in Providence, RI

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Today we celebrate World Ocean Day. Healthy oceans are critical to our survival. They generate oxygen, regulate our climate, clean the water we drink and so much more.

At SUEZ North America, we take the protection of our oceans very seriously. This day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our partnership with Save the Bay, a leading environmental organization in Rhode Island. Save the Bay organizes and supports the work of more than 3,000 volunteers who clean up debris at dozens of shoreline sites, help with habitat restoration, and more.

Last July, the SUEZ North America Foundation granted $20,000 to Save the Bay’s environmental education programs. Today we highlight some of the benefits of this sponsorship. Today we show how we can make a difference together.



Save the Bay has been connecting students, teachers and families to Narragansett Bay for more than 30 years. Through hands-on experiential learning, participants can have fun in the Bay by spying a seal, examining a crab, or looking for a fish.

Since the SUEZ partnership with Save the Bay, the number of students participating in the program has increased to over 15,000, covering 30 school districts.


Volunteer initiatives 

Save The Bay offers many opportunities to help protect, restore, and educate about Narragansett Bay. Volunteers participate in shoreline cleanups, habitat restoration work or environmental education programs.

Not only does Save the Bay attract students, teachers and families, but an overwhelming number of volunteers have contributed to:

  • A 45% increase over last year in the number of volunteers,
  • Over 29,000 volunteering hours,
  • The engagement of 2,199 volunteers in 20 towns at 85 locations,
  • The collection of over 47,000 cigarette butts.


The SUEZ family is proud to have contributed to these great achievements. “SUEZ is first and foremost an environmental company. When we find good organizations, like Save the Bay, that are working to protect these waterways, we are eager to support the cause,” said Ed Wallace, Director of the SUEZ North America Foundation

But our work is far from being done. Please join us and help save your waterways. To learn more, follow Save the Bay on Twitter and Facebook. To get involved, visit the website, make a donation or register to become a volunteer!

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