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The Past & Future of Kearny’s Water

While the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (NJDWSC) is the town’s water supplier, SUEZ Water provides water meter reading, billing, collections and customer service for the town of Kearny. In 2001, United Water entered into a public-private partnership with Kearny. Working in partnership with Kearny officials, SUEZ has improved levels of customer service.

During the first six years of the contract, we have also helped the town realize an annual increase in collections of more than $1 million. SUEZ Water is committed to providing the residents of Kearny with timely and accurate billing and the highest levels of customer service.

The agreement also includes repairing and replacing a portion of Kearny's aging residential and commercial water meters. However, The town has responsibility for setting water rates and the Kearny Water Department is responsible for maintaining the water pipes and fire hydrants.