Leading the Global Resource Revolution

SUEZ is the parent company of SUEZ North America, and one of the world’s leading environmental service companies. Each and every day, we supply clean drinking water to 92 million people across 70 countries and 5 continents. Our mission—the Resource Revolution—is to help societies shift to a sustainable relationship with the planet, where we conserve and optimize the use of our limited natural resources.

Our Core Service Areas

1. Water

We provide management solutions for the entire water cycle—from the production and distribution of drinking water to treating wastewater. With our sophisticated monitoring technology, we are able to optimize water use and conserve billions of gallons each year.

2. Waste Recovery

For all types of waste, we offer recovery services ranging from collection, sorting and dismantling to marketing and consulting. By giving waste a second life, we help to strengthen the circular economy.

3. Treatment Solutions

By returning treated water to our streams, rivers and lakes, we help ensure future sustainability of water sources. Our treatment services include the production of drinking water, seawater desalinization, sludge treatment, wastewater purification, and recycling.

4. Consulting

Our deep expertise in the technical, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable design helps municipalities optimize their land use and protect natural resources.

Global Highlights


At Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), the largest industrial petrochemicals platform in Asia, we recover over 60,000 tons of hazardous waste each year. Through industrial wastewater re-use, sludge recovery, and the recovery of energy from hazardous waste, we significantly reduce Shanghai’s environmental footprint and contribute to a better quality of life.


In Melbourne, our reverse-osmosis desalination plant processes up to 450,000 cubic meters of seawater each day. The largest plant in the southern hemisphere, it guarantees a sustainable water supply for residents and industry in a region with severe water shortages.


In Milan, we are responding to the challenge of water consumption in the heavy and ultra-heavy crude oil refining industry. By employing a wastewater re-use loop, the ENI plant will save 2.8 million cubic meters of water every year.