Water Services

The Leader in Water Service Management

Day in and day out, SUEZ North America provides safe, reliable, and environmentally sound water services to over 7.5 million people. Our full range of solutions include clean drinking water, wastewater management.

Delivering Clean Drinking Water

Our mission is simple—to provide our customers with a reliable supply of clean drinking water while protecting our waterways. We help to safeguard health by ensuring that millions of homes and business receive drinking water that consistently meets or exceeds the highest state and federal standards. Our solutions are highly scalable, whether for a smaller town such as Portage, MI or a large city such as Jersey City, NJ.

Wastewater Services

SUEZ North America offers a range of wastewater treatment services to safely return treated water to rivers, lakes and streams, allowing us to custom-tailor a solution to your needs.
Our state-of-the-art treatment plant in El Segundo, CA:

  • Recycles wastewater for irrigation and industrial use
  • Eases the demand for scarce water supplies
  • Conserves drinking water
  • Helps protect the ocean