Collection Systems

What is a Collection System?

A collection system carries wastewater from homes and business through underground pipes to a wastewater treatment facility.

Preventative Maintenance

Collection system preventative maintenance allows for optimal performance and is less expensive than emergency repairs. Properly operating sewer lines provide uninterrupted customer service and environmental protection from overflows. A comprehensive maintenance program includes:

  • Visual inspections for cracks, corrosion and damage
  •  Use of specialized video cameras to inspect the sewer lines for conditions, blockages, roots and wear
  • Introduction of expanding biodegradable foam to kill and inhibit root growth
  •  Jet washing and cutting to remove any growth, roots, grease and gravel

Sewer Odors

The most common cause of sewer odor is a dry P-trap. These traps resemble a “U” shape and are most visible under kitchen and bathroom sinks. P-traps hold a small amount of water, preventing the gaseous sewer environment from entering homes or business. If the water runs out, odors travel from the sewer into living or work areas. To restore the function of a dry P-trap simply pour a pitcher full of water or run water from the faucet into the dry trap.
Other causes of sewer odors include:

  • Need to clean out plugs that are loose or have been removed 
  • Evaporation of water in a toilet trap
  • Bad wax seal ring located between base of toilet and toilet flange
  •  Broken or loose interior sewer line(s)
  • Sewer vent located upwind of building air intake