United Water Partners With National Metering Services to Upgrade Water Meters

Aug 4, 2015
Wilmington, DE- To improve accuracy and efficiency, United Water Delaware is partnering with a leading regional firm, National Metering Services Inc., to upgrade ten thousand customer water meters.  These important upgrades will enable more accurate readings to be collected in a more efficient and effective manner.  Once installed, new technology will also make it more convenient for customers, since no personnel will need to enter customers’ homes to read their water meters. We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve the service we provide for you, our valued customer.
National Metering Services personnel are carrying out the field work involved in upgrading United Water customers’ meters under this program, which extends into the summer months of 2016.  National Metering Services staff members are equipped with photo ID badges and drive vehicles clearly marked as being part of the National Metering Service fleet.
This meter upgrade program is one component of our continuing efforts to ensure a superior customer experience, most accurately measure customer water usage on a consistent basis, achieve cost efficiencies, and improve customer convenience.  
Customer Service Department
United Water Delaware
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