Paperless Billing has changed

We're excited to let you know that we've launched a smoother, more streamlined Paperless Billing process - SUEZ Paperless Billing.  Based on customer feedback, we have made changes that will simplify the way you receive and pay your bill.  

How will these changes affect me?

By changing to SUEZ Paperless Billing, customers who are currently on paperless billing and those who will be in the future, will receive all of the benefits that come with having a account. These include:

  • A one-stop shop to manage your SUEZ account(s)
  • The ability to view past bills and notices
  • The opportunity to view water usage and compare with similar households
  • Easy ways to update contact information

In order to continue receiving your bill electronically through SUEZ Paperless Billiing, customers will now need to establish an account on our secure customer website, Customers will no longer receive a PDF attachment of their bill. Instead all bills will be available for viewing on

Here’s how the new paperless billing process works:

  1. You will receive an email notification when your bill is ready to view with a link to pay your bill.
  2. Clicking this link will bring you to Following log in, you will be brought to your bill where you can review it and pay it via any of the available payment methods (Credit, Debit, ATM card, or directly from your bank account using ACH withdrawal.)

What do I have to do to ensure I continue to receive my bill electronically?

You will need to create an account on to continue to receive paperless bills.  Be sure to have your account number and the zip code associated with your service address.  Watch the video below which walks you through the registration process.



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I already have a account. What do I need to do to ensure I continue to receive my bill electronically?

If you already have a account and are enrolled in Paperless Billing, there is no action required by you.  Your paperless bill will be sent to the email address you are using for your account.

If I do not create an account, what will happen?

Customers who do not set up an account on will be reverted to paper bills by mail.