SUEZ Bill Redesign - a guide to understanding your new bill

Your new bill design features bigger and bolder text, an improved water usage graph, and important conservation tips that help you save water and money.

Why Does My Bill Look Different?

The SUEZ bill underwent a redesign in 2019.  Please check out the Bill Explanation Guide and see below for details about the new bill.


How Do I Know What I Receive In The Mail Is My SUEZ Bill?

The top left section on on the first page addresses you by name and states "this is your bill."  

Bill Explanation Guide

Date and Amount Due

The top left section of your bill features key information about your bill, including the bill date, your account number, total balance due, and the date payment is due. 

Your Water Usage

The new water usage graph is in the top center of the front side of the bill.  This section displays the dates of the current water usage period, among other things, a graph of historical and current usage that will help you manage your consumption and the approximate date of your next meter reading.  For customers not billed based on metered consumption, this area is blank.

Bill Summary

The Bill Summary in top right section of the front side of the bill lists the previous bill balance, payments received since the last bill, any balance carried forward, current bill charges, and the total amount due.  Additional messages will appear in this section as they apply to your area or circumstance.

Important Messages

Important Messages regarding your account or water service can be found on both the front and back sides of the bill.

Payment Options

If you are not already enrolled in Direct Debit or have a balance due, you will find the Payment Options section just above the Payment Stub on the front side of the bill.

Usage and Bill Details

Looking for more details about your bill?  The Usage and Bill Details section on the backside of the bill contains details about the meter, meter readings, read type, amount used, and the individual charges. Descriptions of any acronyms used in this area are just below the detailed charges.

Contact Us

Need to reach us?  Our Company address, telephone numbers, hours of operation, website, e-mail and social media feeds are listed in the Contact Us section on the backside of the bill.

Conservation Tip

This new section of the bill features tips that can help you save water and money.