Green Lawns, Less Water

Girl laying on lawn

In partnership with Rutgers University, Office of the State Climatologist, SUEZ is pleased to provide you with daily evapotranspiration (ET) numbers throughout the summer season which will help you maintain green lawns and healthy gardens while using less water and saving money!

ET is derived from SUEZ weather stations and other localized weather station sites by measuring water loss from soil evaporation and moisture loss from plant transpiration. Using this data, ET recommendations are then calculated for the optimal amount of water the average lawn and garden needs based on the day’s weather conditions.

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See Below to Find Today's ET Number

0.00" 0
0.25" 15
0.50" 30
0.75" 45
1.00" 60
1.25" 75
1.50" 90
1.75" 105
2.00" 120