Smarter Water

Learn about the new technologies that are helping us conserve water for future generations.

Our mission as the second largest environmental services company in the world is to enable a resourceful future for all. As we said a few weeks ago, the lack of water is the main challenge of the 21st century. That is why SUEZ is making desalination and water reuse a priority.
Through our treatment solutions department, we are showcasing our expertise this week in San Diego to talk about “Renewable water resources to meet global needs” (IDA 2015 Theme). The IDA Congress takes place every two years and attracts worldwide visitors from the water industry, the universities and the research community.
Given the major drought California is facing, the place of the event is a strong symbol. With 40% of the world population living within 60 miles of the coastal area, desalination of seawater is proving to be an essential alternative method for sustainability in urban areas. In 2016, the desalination market is expected to supply 500 million people in drinking water (300 million today) and will also provide water agricultural needs.
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With its 250 desalination plant throughout the world, SUEZ supplies 10 million of people with freshwater. Stop by
booth #1019 and talk to our experts to discover the benefits of reverse osmosis seawater, demineralized process water for boilers and cooling circuits and so much more! You can also take a look at our conferences program:
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