Our Promise to Help Protect the Environment

At SUEZ North America, the environment and sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we operate in a manner that protects and preserves the environment for future generations.

This environmental stewardship is the responsibility of all SUEZ employees. We are committed to providing life’s most essential services in a manner compatible with the long-term sustainability of our natural ecosystems as we strive to strengthen our performance and enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.
Our commitment to environmental excellence means that we will:

  • Meet or surpass the requirements of all relevant environmental regulations, policies, legislation and initiatives.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance, promoting activities such as reducing discharges and enhancing reuse and safe disposal practices.
  • Integrate environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.
  • Favor the purchasing of more sustainable goods and services.
  • Measure and report on our environmental performance through self-assessments, employee accountability and reporting to senior management.
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership and encourage other organizations to improve their environmental performance.
  • Maintain open dialogue with key stakeholders in the community regarding environmental matters.
  • Operate as a socially responsible company and deploy the four priorities and 12 commitments of Sustainable Development.