Environmental Commitments

Are You Ready for the Resource Revolution?

Climate change, drought, pollution. It’s no longer possible to ignore the perils of our unsustainable relationship with the planet. That’s why we at SUEZ North America believe we must take massive action now. 

For us, this isn’t just an idea—it’s the philosophy at the heart of our business that we put into practice each and every day. Learn more about how we’re using innovative new technologies and approaches to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, protect local ecosystems, and more. Join the conversation at @open_resource and help us protect the bounty of the planet for future generations.

Water Resource Management

Leading the way to conserve billions of gallons each year

Energy & Climate

Reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Embracing the circular economy and giving waste a second life

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Restoration

Protecting threatened and endangered wildlife

Environmental Charter

Committed to the environment in everything we do

SOLUTION Commitment

Collaborating across sectors to meet America’s water challenge