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Today we celebrate World Ocean Day

Healthy oceans are critical to our survival. They generate oxygen, regulate our climate, clean the water we drink and so much more.

Protecting the California Condor in Boise, Idaho

Water is essential to all life on Earth and our water source ultimately depends on the sound functioning of ecosystems.

The World Gathers In Paris To Fight Climate Change - #COP21

12 Tips to prevent your water pipes from freezing

As soon as thermometers drop into the freezing zone, the following tips will help you avoid unpleasant surprises that may come from broken water pipes 

SUEZ presents its expertise at the International Desalination Association Congress in San Diego this week

SUEZ is making desalination and water reuse a priority

SUEZ recognized for innovation by the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Together with the County, SUEZ will operate and manage three sewage treatment plants and collection system for 1.2 million people

A Celebration of Nautical History: General Lafayette’s ship is on its way to New York City for July 4th!

20 years ago, a small group of people had a dream: build the exact replica of the majestic vessel Hermione