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How does water make the journey from its source to our faucets? What is the water cycle, and why is it important? What should every one of us do to conserve water?

SUEZ North America wants to help students explore and understand the answers to these vital questions.

Schedule a tour of one of our water facilities in your area, or let us come to you and deliver one of our prepared lesson plans to your K-8 class.

To see if tours are available in your area, or to schedule a free class visit, call us at 800-664-4552 ext. 3211 or email tours@suez-na.com. Advanced registration is required for all programs.

K-8 Lesson Plans

When I Think of Water

Suggested Grades: K-1 (40 min program)

Each presentation includes a water-themed activity emphasizing the importance of water in our lives. Our presenter will read a book about water and allow students some discussion time to recap what they’ve learned.

A coloring activity, “When I think of Water I think of…” asks students to answer this question with a drawing after our presenters introduce the water cycle and the three stages of water: solid, liquid and gas. Students are provided with crayons and worksheets to create their illustrations.

The Incredible Journey

Suggested Grades: 2-4 (50 min program)

Students learn about the importance of clean, drinkable water and how water is cleaned and purified. The lesson continues as presenters read a book focusing on water—our planet’s most important resource—its journey as it moves through our world and the importance of conservation.

As part of the activity, children will be “transformed” into water droplets traveling through the water cycle. With a roll of a cube, students simulate the movement of water while picking up beads at different designated stations, culminating in the creation of a water cycle bracelet.

H2O Olympics

Suggested Grades: 5-7 (55 min program)

Presenters discuss the community’s water source and how it is purified then distributed to homes and businesses. Hands-on experiments that reinforce topics such as water density, water adhesion, cohesion and surface tension are demonstrated in an interactive format. Students are placed into groups where they can work side by side to understand different properties of water. The program concludes with a discussion of the importance of water and water conservation.

The curriculum offered has been endorsed by the Project WET Foundation, (Water Education for Teachers).

Schedule a Speaking Engagement

Our Speakers Bureau offers educational talks for community groups and schools. Our company representatives are available to visit your group’s meeting to discuss many topics such as water supply and water quality, conservation and xeriscape (conservation) gardening. Please email NJCommunications@suez-na.com for more information.

Community Outreach Opportunities

Participation at Science Fairs, Green Day initiatives and school

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