Together We Can Achieve More

At SUEZ North America, we believe every voice deserves to be heard, and earnest dialogue leads to better solutions. We work hard to engage a diverse cross-section of stakeholders in our communities through Customer Advisory Panels (CAP), giving us an opportunity to incorporate their expectations into our operations. Typically, panels have approximately 15 members who serve staggered three-year terms. Meetings are held once each quarter to discuss topics such as water quality, conservation and feedback on customer service initiatives. We know our collaboration helps us arrive at innovative practices that benefit both our customers and our environment. If you are interested in serving on a panel, fill out this form.

Creating an Open Dialogue in Bayonne, NJ

During the summer of 2013, SUEZ hosted a Stakeholder Dialogue in Bayonne, NJ, where our senior leadership conducted a productive conversation with attendees from the community. It included representatives from the city, the fire chief, the municipal utilities authority, the school district and board of education and a city-wide community outreach organization. They were also joined by some of the area’s largest consumers of water, including the Bayonne Golf Club, IMTT and Kenrich Petrochemicals.

Stakeholder dialogues like this one create opportunities to engage community members in an open exchange of information, ideas and opportunities. They give our stakeholders a voice, allowing SUEZ to better serve them and their communities.