Drinking Lots of Water

Water Is the Basis for Life.

“Water is one of the most essential components of the human body. Water regulates the body’s temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, and aids the digestive system. Water not only composes 75 percent of all muscle tissue and about 10 percent of fatty tissue, it also acts within each cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste. And, because water composes more than half of the human body, it is impossible to sustain life for more than a week without it.”
– “Fit Facts: Healthy Hydration,” © 2008 American Council on Exercise

Health Benefits of Water

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Water is your body's principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on 

water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired

How much water do you need?

Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contain water.
So how much fluid does the average, healthy adult need? The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. For women it’s about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day.
Remember, no single formula fits everyone, but keeping track of your daily fluids will help you estimate how much you should be drinking.

What about drinking eight glasses a day?

Everyone has heard the advice, "Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day." That's about 1.9 liters, which isn't that different from the Institute of Medicine recommendations. Although the "8 by 8" rule isn't supported by hard evidence, it remains popular because it's easy to remember. Just keep in mind that all fluids count toward the daily total.